How to Appeal a Social Security Claim Denial in Washington State

The Social Security claims appeals process is lengthy and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t begin an appeal if you feel you have a case. It’s important to consult a qualified Social Security claims attorney to see which options may be open to you. 

How An Autistic Child Can Qualify for SSI

Children with autism or those who are on the autism spectrum can qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they meet certain income and symptom requirements. Among them are certain inabilities related to speech, behavior, concentration and more. 

Social Security and Bankruptcy

Social Security and bankruptcy have a straightforward relationship, but there are important things to know about how income affects the process. In many cases, you get to keep all of your benefits.

What Terminating the Payroll Tax Could Do to Social Security

Permanently eliminating the payroll tax is one way the White House is considering easing the burden on Americans. However, that tax pays for almost 90% of benefits within Social Security and would cause a significant change in how that service is funded.

How Student Loans Affect Social Security

Student loan standing plays a critical role in getting access to the full amount of Social Security benefits you’re entitled to. It’s important to understand how making current and timely payments can make all the difference as you approach retirement.

How Children Qualify for Supplemental Security Income

The SSI process is noted for being difficult and stringent, especially when it comes to qualifying children with disabilities. It’s important to note the entire process and income thresholds when starting the application process.