What Military Service Members Need to Know About Social Security

Military service members abide by many of the same rules as civilians when it comes to Social Security bar a few key differences. Certain military members may be entitled to extra earnings credits on their record while others may not. It’s important to consult a qualified Social Security claims attorney to ensure you’re getting all that’s owed to you.

How to Lower Your Social Security Taxes

Lowering your Social Security taxes can be as simple as putting money into a tax-deferred account where income doesn’t have to be drawn right away. There are options where that becomes more complicated depending on where you’re at on the Social Security income threshold.

An Overview Of Social Security Taxes

Social Security benefits are taxed in specific situations. The income thresholds are fairly uniform, except in the case of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is non-taxable since it is a need-based program. 

Things to Know About SSI Benefits for 2021

The main thing to note for 2021 Social Security benefits changes is the 1.3% COLA adjustment to reflect the increase in the cost of living nationally. Retired workers can expect to receive $20 more per month while disabled workers can expect a $16 per month increase.

What is a State Supplement Program? 

The State Supplement Program is exactly as it sounds for Supplemental Security Income recipients. It offers a small, additional supplemental to monthly SSI payments and it does differ by state. Washington and Idaho have different payout amounts.

Collecting Military Retirement VA Disability and Social Security 

In many cases, retired and honorably discharged members of the military can concurrently receive Social Security and military disability benefits. The process can be a bit tedious and complex and Schott Law can help with the minutiae should your initial application be denied.

How to Appeal a Social Security Claim Denial in Washington State

The Social Security claims appeals process is lengthy and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t begin an appeal if you feel you have a case. It’s important to consult a qualified Social Security claims attorney to see which options may be open to you. 

How An Autistic Child Can Qualify for SSI

Children with autism or those who are on the autism spectrum can qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they meet certain income and symptom requirements. Among them are certain inabilities related to speech, behavior, concentration and more.