What To Ask When Looking for a Social Security Claims Attorney

There are many things to consider when interviewing potential Social Security attorneys. You’ll want to find out about total caseload and of course, total costs, before entering into any agreement.

If you’ve been through the initial Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income application process and think you’ve been wrongfully denied, you may be wondering what options are open to you. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, your likely next step is to contact a Social Security claims and denials attorney, but how do you even know where to begin in choosing one?

Before the First Call

Before you start interviewing attorneys, you’ll need to figure out if you actually qualify for benefits. 

In short, to be eligible for disability insurance benefits, you’ll have had to work in a job that pays into Social Security, otherwise, you’re ineligible to receive anything unless you are eligible for needs-based Supplemental Security Income. Your disability will have to be a qualified one under Social Security rules and you’ll have had to be out of work for at least a year. (An attorney can help determine if your disability is covered.)

How to Find a Reputable Social Security Lawyer

While the internet is a great place to start, even asking friends and family can help narrow the search down to a smaller list. When you do find a couple to interview, these are some of the questions that Investopedia suggests to ask:

  • Do you have experience with clients that have [your medical condition]?
  • How many approvals are at the hearing level?
  • What percentage of your cases did you win, gaining your clients their full benefits?

Additionally, you’ll want to know if you’ll have the dedicated time of one attorney or be juggled between support staff. You should also get an idea of their overall time spent practicing in this specific area and their annual caseload to see if you’ll get the attention and care you deserve. 

Of course, you should also ask about all associated costs and what your liability is through the entirety of your claim.


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