How Can Marriage Affect Washington SSI Benefits?

Marriage can affect your SSI benefits by decreasing them or eliminating them altogether.

You currently live in Washington and you’re receiving SSI benefits. These monthly checks are a lifesaver, as they help you pay your bills and stay on top of your finances. Now, however, you’re getting married, and you’re afraid that your benefits are going to be taken away. Here’s some more information about marriage and Washington SSI benefits so you can determine what may happen with your monthly checks.

Marriage and SSI Benefits

If you marry someone who is also receiving SSI benefits, then you’re going to receive a maximum couple’s benefits, which is less than two individual benefits. The maximum individual benefit in 2021 is $794 per month, and in 2022, it’s going to increase to $841 per month. The maximum couples benefit is $1,191 a month in 2021, and it’s going up to $1,261 in 2022.

There is also a limit on the assets you and your spouse can own and qualify for SSI. For an individual, it’s $2,000 worth of assets like property you don’t live in, your investments, and savings, and for a couple, it’s $3,000 combined.

What If Your Spouse Doesn’t Receive SSI?

Let’s say your spouse receives an income and isn’t on SSI. Your spouse’s income will be “deemed” to belong to you, and when a spouse’s income is more than $397 a month in 2021 or $420 a month in 2022, your benefits could be affected. You may see your benefits dramatically reduced or taken away altogether depending on how much your spouse makes.

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