Does My Disability Qualify For Social Security Benefits?

Your disability could qualify for Social Security benefits if it’s listed in the SSA’s Blue Book.

Looking Up Your Illness in the SSA Blue Book

Along with contacting Schott Law for assistance, you can also look up your disability and see if it’s in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book, which lists all the disabilities it covers. There are a number of different sections including musculoskeletal disorders, digestive system disabilities, skin disorders, endocrine disorders, neurological disorders, mental disorders, and immune system disorders.

Qualifying for SSDI or SSI

Keep in mind that when you apply for disability benefits, you have to state your illness and then provide proof of it. The proof could vary depending on the illness you have. Generally, the SSA will want to see medical records, test results, a list of medications you’re on, and any other official medical information that shows how you are suffering. The SSA may also ask for statements from people who are familiar with your condition.

Applying for and Appealing an SSA Decision

Unfortunately, most people who apply for disability benefits get rejected. However, you have a much higher chance of being approved if you enlist the help of a disability lawyer. They will know exactly how to fill out all those forms, what kind of proof is necessary, and what to say to show that you truly can’t work anymore. Since you’re in a delicate place right now and just don’t have the energy to turn in an application on your own, you could find it very helpful to work with a disability lawyer who wants to see you succeed. Additionally, if you get rejected the first time around, your lawyer can appeal that decision for you.

Working With Schott Law

If you need help applying for SSDI or SSI, Schott Law is here for you. Maggie Schott is an SSDI & SSI lawyer serving Washington and Idaho. Contact us now at (509) 328-5789 to start your application.