Does Military Disability Affect Social Security?

Your military benefits could affect your SSI, but not your SSDI benefits.

When you served in the military, unfortunately, you got injured. Now, however, you receive military disability benefits to cover your expenses. You’re wondering if you’re also eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Social Security Insurance (SSI) to help you with your other bills.

What Are SSDI and SSI?

SSDI is a federal government program that provides monthly benefits to people who have qualifying disabilities and can no longer work. It is available to anyone, and not just people who have served in the military.

SSI is another federal government program for people who cannot work or could barely work in the past due to their disability. Because SSI is need-based, there are income caps.

How Military Benefits Affect SSDI and SSI

Since SSDI is earned income, VA disability benefits will have no effect on SSDI, so you don’t have to worry when applying for benefits. When it comes to SSI, it’s a whole different story. Any money you receive from the VA for your disability will count towards your income every month. The federal income limit for SSI is $794 per month, so if you receive more than that from the VA every month, you will not qualify to also receive SSI. If you do not make that much, VA disability benefits can still lower your SSI payment even if you do qualify for SSI.

Keep in mind that just because you qualify for VA benefits, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically qualify for SSDI or SSI too. They are separate programs and require separate applications.

Working With Schott Law

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