Will My Bank Account Be Checked While on SSDI in Washington?

The SSA will not check your bank account when you receive SSDI.

You’re worried that you might not qualify for disability because of the financial limits that the Social Security Administration – the SSA – puts on recipients. Now, you’re wondering: Is the SSA going to check my bank account?

By educating yourself on this topic, you can learn if you will still qualify for benefits.

SSDI and Your Bank Account

While the SSA may check your bank account for other kinds of benefit programs, they won’t for SSDI. This is because SSDI is based on your work history, and not on your financial information. As long as you pay into Social Security when you work, you will be able to tap into those benefits when you need them the most.

Taxes and SSDI

Keep in mind that if you receive a substantial amount of unearned money from your investments, for instance, or your spouse brings in additional money from work, you may be partly taxed on your SSDI benefits. Your SSDI payments may be garnished if you owe back taxes to the IRS, you have a judgment against you to pay child support, or you owe money on your student loans.

Applying for SSDI

It’s critical to work with an SSDI lawyer when you apply for benefits. A majority of applicants get denied for benefits, so you’ll have a much easier time with a trusted professional on your side. You’ll have to send in information about your medical records, including where you have been treated, to prove that you need benefits. By working with a lawyer, you’ll have the best chance possible of securing benefits.

Working With Schott Law

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