What to Do If Benefits Have Been Cut Off

If your benefits have been cut off, there are crucial steps you need to take to try and get them back, including hiring a Social Security disability lawyer.

Social Security disability benefits are your lifeline. They allow you to cover your basic expenses every month and give you some much-needed financial security. If your benefits have recently been cut off, you’ll need to find out why and take action to attempt to get them back.

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Why Benefits Get Cut Off

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may cut off your benefits if you work at a substantial level. In 2021, that means you earn $1,310 or more per month. The SSA can also stop benefits if your condition has improved so much that you are no longer disabled.

What to Do If Benefits Are Cut Off

You may have gotten a letter in the mail stating that your benefits are going to be terminated. If this happens, it’s critical to get in touch with a Social Security disability lawyer right away, because you need to file for an appeal within 10 days. If you do not, you can appeal the decision within 60 days; however, the SSA is going to terminate your benefits in the meantime while you wait for a judge’s decision on your appeal. A Social Security disability lawyer will know how to navigate the appeals system and present your arguments before the judge to hopefully get you the best outcome possible.

Working With Schott Law

If you need to get your Social Security disability benefits back, Schott Law is here for you. Maggie Schott is an SSDI & SSI lawyer serving Washington and Idaho. Contact us now at (509) 328-5789 to start your application.