What Is the Most a Disability Lawyer Can Charge?

A disability lawyer can typically charge you the SSA limits, but they may charge more if they need to appeal your denial.

You’ve heard that it’s notoriously difficult to get approved for SSDI or SSI Social Security benefits. However, with a disability lawyer’s help, you know you have a much better chance of getting approved. This is because they will have experience with the system and know how to properly fill out an application, submit proof of your disability, and appeal a denial.

One thing you’re worried about is how much it’s going to cost you to hire a lawyer. By learning the truth about how much a disability lawyer can charge you, you can figure out whether or not you want their help.

How Much Your Lawyer Typically Receives

In general, federal law dictates that a disability lawyer is entitled to 25% of your disability backpay or $6,000, whichever number is lower. Usually, the Social Security Administration will withhold one-quarter of your past-due benefits and then pay your attorney with them. Your lawyer will only get a fee if your case is successful and you receive benefits.

The Maximum Amount a Disability Lawyer Can Charge

There are situations in which your lawyer can charge you more than the $6,000 limit. For example, if you fired your disability lawyer and hired a second one or you get denied for benefits the first time around and have to appeal, then you could wind up spending more. In order for your lawyer to charge you more, they are going to have to submit a fee petition to Social Security for approval before asking you to cover the higher costs.

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