The Latest Statistics on the Social Security Disability Program

Learn about the latest statistics on disability benefits in the U.S.

Before you apply for Social Security benefits, you may be wondering about some statistical information on the program. If you knew the numbers, it could give you a better idea of what kind of chance you have of receiving benefits. 

Here is the latest information, according to the Social Security Administration’s most recent Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program.

Statistics from the SSA’s Report

The latest statistics show that disability benefits went out to almost 10 million people in 2019, and awards for disabled workers made up 89% of awards to all disabled beneficiaries. On the flip side, benefits were terminated for over 870,000 disabled workers. About one out of seven disabled beneficiaries received Supplemental Security Income payments. 

The average age of a benefits recipient was 55, and men represented less than 51% of recipients. The average monthly benefit everyone received was $1,257.65, and the largest category of diagnoses was diseases of the connective tissue and musculoskeletal system. 

Applying for SSDI and SSI

If you are disabled and unable to work, then you could qualify for SSDI or SSI. You can start by seeing if your disability is listed in the SSA’s Blue Book, which shows all the impairments that qualify. Some of them include musculoskeletal, cardiovascular system, mental, hematological, and neurological disorders. Along with stating your disorder, you’ll also need specific proof of your illness such as doctors’ records, test results, and a list of your prescriptions. Even then, most people still get denied benefits, which is why asking a disability lawyer for help is always a good idea. 

Contacting Schott Law 

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