Latest News and Updates: SSDI Benefits in 2023

Making too much money and not meeting the age or disability requirements will disqualify you from receiving SSI.

Latest News and Updates: SSDI Benefits in 2023

Are you applying for SSDI for the first time? Or, were you receiving benefits in 2022 that are continuing into 2023? You may have noticed some changes. Each year, the Social Security Administration announces changes that affect SSDI recipients in Washington State and throughout the U.S. Check out the latest news and updates for 2023.

SSDI Benefit Amount Increased

Due to inflation, the SSDI benefit amount went up 8.7% in 2023. The maximum benefit is $3,627 a month, which is $282 more than the maximum amount in 2022.

Trial Work Amount Changes

If you try to return to work while receiving SSDI, this is called a trial work program. You can receive up to nine months of trial work benefits. A month would qualify as a trial work month when you make more than $1,050, which is an increase from 2022’s amount of $970 per month.

Social Security Tax Amount Increased

As of 2022, the maximum amount of earnings that was subject to the Social Security tax was $147,000. Now, it’s up to $160,000 in 2023.
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Excerpt: In 2023, the maximum benefit amount increased, as did the trial work amount and the threshold for Social Security taxes.