How Do I Reinstate My Disability Benefits?

You could reinstate your disability benefits through expedited reinstatement.

You count on your disability benefits to pay your bills and cover your basic expenses every month. If they’ve lapsed, you may be worried about how you’re going to survive financially. Thankfully, you can request to reinstate them. Here’s some more information.

Going Through Expedited Reinstatement

Let’s say you stopped receiving disability benefits because you were making too much money. As long as you stop receiving too much income, then you can get your benefits back through expedited reinstatement. You don’t even have to apply for your benefits again if you meet certain requirements. Note that your income must fall below the ​​substantial gainful activity level again within five years. If it’s been more than five years, then you will have to start a new application to receive benefits.

Additionally, if you get expedited reinstatement, you could receive retroactive payments for up to the 12 months prior to when you filed your application for reinstatement. If you have any dependents and they were getting benefits that also stopped, these benefits would resume if your expedited reinstatement gets approved.

Receiving Provisional Benefits

You could receive provisional benefits in the form of cash payments while you’re waiting for your expedited reinstatement to go through. It’s possible to get up to six months of provisional benefits, but the Social Security Administration may put a stop to them if you receive a decision regarding your expedited request, you reach full retirement age, or you participate in substantial gainful activity. Typically, you won’t have to pay back the provisional benefits, even if your expedited reinstatement is denied.

Contacting Schott Law

If you need assistance applying for expedited reinstatement of benefits, Schott Law is here for you. Maggie Schott is an SSDI & SSI lawyer serving Washington and Idaho. Contact us now at (509) 328-5789 to start your application.