How an Experienced SSDI Attorney Can Help You With an Appeal

An experienced SSDI attorney can help you appeal your denial and get you the benefits you deserve.

Getting approved for SSDI benefits is no easy task. In fact, 70% of people who apply for it are initially denied.

But with the help of an experienced SSDI attorney, you may be able to get approved the second time around. Here’s the catch: you’ll have to act fast.

Learn more about working with an SSDI attorney, and then contact one today for help.

How an SSDI Attorney Can Help With Your Appeal

Once you receive your denial, you must request an appeal in writing within 60 days. So as soon as you get your letter, contact an attorney and send in that request. This stage is called reconsideration.

Your attorney can go over your initial application and see if there is anything missing from it. Many times, people forget to fill out certain sections or turn in specific types of proof. The forms are complicated, so it’s completely understandable.

You will also get the chance to have an appeal hearing before the administrative law judge. Your attorney can request another medical opinion aside from the one that that court utilizes. They can also make objections and prepare you for questioning. They’re going to be familiar with the administrative law judge in your area and know the judge’s style, which is incredibly beneficial.

Can You Appeal After a Second Denial?

If you’ve been denied after a reconsideration, you can hire an SSDI attorney to help with an appeals hearing, an appeals council, or a federal district court appeal. They won’t give up on you.

Working With Schott Law

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