How an Attorney Can Help Appeal a Denied Social Security Application

An attorney can help you appeal a denied Social Security application by reviewing your application and advocating for you.

When you receive a denial for your Social Security application in the mail, it doesn’t mean that there’s no chance you’ll be able to get benefits. In fact, perhaps you made a simple error, and if you resubmit your application, you could get approved. However, you may not know what you did wrong or how to fix it without the help of an attorney. That’s why you may want to consider hiring one. Here are a few ways they can help appeal your denial.

They’ll Examine Your Application

Your attorney will look over your application and see if you left out any crucial information, if you filled out the form incorrectly, or didn’t supply enough proof of your condition to the Social Security Administration. For example, perhaps the SSA needed a list of prescription medicine you take, and you forgot to include it. Perhaps they needed your medical records, but you didn’t have the time or energy to tell SSA where to collect them. An attorney can help you with this. They will also ensure you turn in your documents on time so you don’t have to apply all over again.

They’ll Advocate for You

If you need to go to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing, your attorney will assist you with preparing for it and advocate for you. If you lose at your hearing, then they’ll help you with your Appeals Council and/or federal court review as well. They will do whatever they can to increase your chances of receiving benefits, no matter what it takes.

Working With Schott Law

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