Dawn Reese

Legal Assistant

Dawn Reese grew up in Spokane, Washington. After earning a degree in Cosmetology, she worked for a few years in the beauty industry. From there, Ms. Reese taught preschool for ten years and then went to work for a church, where she organized events, kept track of finances, provided support to all of the pastors and parishioners, and used her creativity to solve problems as they arose. Ms. Reese also served as a hearing reporter for the Social Security Administration, where she dutifully took clear and organized notes for the judges to consult and review as needed.

Ms. Reese lives in a vibrant, multi-generational household. Every day brings unique joys and challenges, both at the office and at home. An avid shopper, Ms. Reese loves to spend time with her granddaughters, take walks, read, and try out new creative recipes.